Wednesday, August 22, 2012

pictures from the last few weeks

 This is how I found Caylee one morning when I woke up, under our bed.
 Love these two.
 1st french braid on Adeleah.
 Fun at the beach one afternoon.

 Gabe's 31st Birthday, he had just got back from his meetings at church, and he always has to make a odd face:)
 The girls today
 Adeleah dressed herself
 Put the top bunk up so Caylee can be out of the crib. Adeleah is on top and Caylee hates that she has to sleep on the bottom.
 31 weeks
 The baby quilt I made for Baby girl #3.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Girl #3

 24 weeks 2 days
28 weeks

This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I will be 29 weeks tomorrow, which if I have this one at the same time as the other two I have 10 weeks and 2 days to go. And I can't wait for her to come. I have been getting the "you're due really soon right," for a month already and when I tell them no not until Oct they don't believe me. It is just so much fun being told you are huge but this also happened with Caylee around the same time. Other then that baby and I are doing good. Had an appointment Monday and she is right on for growth and sounded good. I can't believe I only have one more appointment before the fun ones start. (Military they see you ever 4 weeks til 36 weeks and then weekly.) But Gabe will be gone for work the last week of Sept and so Baby can't come between 36 and 37 weeks in anyway. So at my 36 week we will check and see what is going on so that we know something before Gabe is miles away. I don't think she will show herself until 39 weeks though because both of the other girls were born right at 39 weeks 2 days.
Adeleah and Caylee are both excited for her to come but I am a little worried at what caylee is really going to think of her when she is here. Caylee is still very much a mommas girl in a lot of ways, but I also know she will do fine because I worried about the same things before.
Anyway, sorry not a lot of pictures of me with this one but we have been really bad about taking them and have had a lot going on or being sick with one thing or another.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trip to the Big Island

 At Rainbow falls
The first day we were there we saw a few of the falls around Hilo before heading down to the volcano park where we stayed.
 The Boiling Pots
 Peepee falls

 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
 The military has some cabins right across the road from this volcano, right in the heart of the park. It was so nice to be right there and be able to hike around. It was cold though at night but oh so nice. 
 Volcano at night
 Our rental car
 steam vents
 Hiking around and through the volcano park
The 2nd day we just stayed up at the park and hiked, we added it up to be 6 miles of hiking that day.

 Over looking the lave field and me at 14 weeks.
 You can see the trial that goes across it.
 Opening to the lava tube
 Gabe in the tube
 Ground view of the lava field, you can still see the trail but as you go you can't really they tell you at each end to follow the rock piles.
 Going across the lava field
 You can see the old lava going down to the ocean.
 Coast line
 Down the coast is where the live lava is but we didn't go see it because of me being pregnant, the air isn't safe in places for young children and pregnant women.

 Hawaii has some of the coolest trees.
 Akaka Falls 442 feet
 On our last day we went back up to Hilo and looked around some more, and just enjoyed seeing more of Hawaii.

 And just before we had to head to the airport Gabe went snorkeling.
We only had 3 days and so we only saw the Hilo side of the Island. We wish we had more time to spend and be able to see all of it. Hopefully we will make it back before we leave Hawaii.

What has been happpening this year so far.....

So I am not going to do a post about everything that has happened because it is just too much. But some things I will do a post for because they are bigger. But here is a run down of what has been going on with us this year:

January: Found out that Gabe would be doing something different in the navy for the time we have left here in Hawaii. And that he would be going to San Diego for the month of February for schooling for his new job. That left the girls and I with a month to do what we wanted. So we planned a trip to my parents for a few weeks.

February: The girls and I left the 3rd to nama's and papa's. Gabe left for S.D. a few days later. We had a great time at my parents. The girls loved helping with everything and doing everything. The high points were riding the horses, playing in the snow, getting eggs from the nama's chickens, and so much more. After about two weeks I went down to S.D. for a weekend of no kids with Gabe. It was going to be wonderful and  it was really nice but the day before I went I found out that I was pregnant (due Oct 18th) and started to feel sick. And so the whole time I was with Gabe I was sick and didn't really want to do much. But we were able to get somethings done and have fun. Went out to dinner with friends that had moved from HI a few months before, went to the San Diego Zoo, and other things. It was nice just having time to be the two of us. After that I went back to my parents and we had a little family get together for Adeleah's birthday that was about a week away. We come home on the 26th and nothing really happened after that other then me being sick and just waiting for Gabe to get home.

March: Adeleah turned 3, and Gabe come home a few days later. And not much happened for the rest of the month.

April: Gabe's little sister Cassie and her baby Cami come out for the month while her husband was in boot camp. I turned 12 weeks the first week of April and was finally starting to feel human again. Also the same day I was 12 weeks I went to Youth Conference for three days as a leader. It was camping and it rained just about the whole time but it was a lot of fun with the youth. Easter was that sunday and it was a lot of fun with the girls. We did an egg hunt before church and a nice easter dinner after church. The next week we had our first appointment for the baby. The baby was so active, it would not hold still for a very good picture. Then Gabe and I had a great chance to go to the Big Island for a few days while Cassie watched the girls for us. It was really nice, we both loved the Big Island. I will post more about that later. Other then that we did things with Cassie and Cami before the had to fly home.

May: I started to really feel baby kicking just before 17 weeks. Had Mothers Day, it was a nice day and Gabe was great. I got new dishes and glasses, and he cooked all the meals for the day. Other then that Caylee turned 18 months and started to go to Nursery! Oh and the very last day of the month I turned 20 weeks!

June: On the 5th we went in and had the big ultrasound and found out we are having.... a GIRL!!!! Yes, that means come Oct we will have three girls. We are happy and excited for her to come into our family. The girls are very happy and love giving baby sister kisses ALL the time. Although Adeleah wasn't happy for a few days that it wasn't a boy and she still tries to say that there is two and one is a boy and other a girl. The only other thing that really happened was Father's Day. It was an ok day only because Gabe and the girls were all sick and I went to church by myself. But I did make Gabe a really great raspberry pie.

July: Not much going on this month. Really just 4th of July. It was a good day we had a get together with our neighbors and had a water slide, pool, and food. And then at the end of the night we all got on top on the houses and watched the fireworks. Other then that I am 27 weeks today, only 3 months to go!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


 Santa came, waiting for Christmas morning to come.
 Caylee wasn't feeling good and so it took some time for her to get into anything.

 Caylee modeling the kitchen.
 They love these light up balls.
 Gabe and I got each other bikes for Christmas.

 Christmas morning.
  All dressed for Christmas Sunday.
 Girls playing with their kitchen from Santa.
 Adeleah loved her slippers I got her.
 Playing with a gift from nama and papa.
 Adeleah with her purse from nama and papa.
 Caylee getting more wobbles from nama and papa, to go with the wobbles tree house from us.
 Daddy helping sissy open presents.
 Caylee wasn't feeling good.
 The  girls with food and dishes to go with their kitchen from Santa.
We had a great Christmas (other then Caylee being sick and not happy for most of it) and all got great gifts. We got up and did Santa, then got ready for church, had a wonderful meeting (I had to sing with the ym, for only five of us I think we did a good job singing "What Child Is This"). Gabe got to sit with us for some of it also, a gift from Bishop, and it was wonderful because Caylee had a fever through church and so he was able to help when I had to sing but thankfully Caylee slept most of the time. After we got home we changed back into our pj's and webcamed with Gabe's parents, the girls opened their gifts from them at that time. After that we finally opened presents around 1pm and it took like 2 hours to get it all done. But it was fun to watch the girls and their faces as they saw what it was. Then I we got dinner down, I didn't do everything I like to for dinner but with little time and sick people in the house I just did it really easy this year. That night we webcamed with my parents. All and all it was a great Christmas and we all got what we wanted and more.